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CvS,CvS2, Edits and conversions

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Author Topic: CvS,CvS2, Edits and conversions  (Read 20299 times)

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« on: September 02, 2008, 11:47:45 am »

Ill work to update the links periodicly  Wink
*if anyone has some update for this thread, feel free to PM me the info and ill do the edit, just for keep it clean  Roll Eyes


Anakaris cvs2 by Gal129

Angel Ryu  by Seth Zankuten

Axel by EasyChar

Athena by Warusaki3

Balrog-vega cvs2 by rei
Vega-Balrog cvs3 by Asscort

Batsu Ichimonji by Carlos Romero

Benimaru by Warusaki3
Benimaru cvs2 by Byakko

Blaze by EasyChar

Blaze CvS by Cap_Rock

Blanka by Gal129

Cammy by Warusaki3

Chang & Choi by Gal129

Charlie by @ndroide
Nash by PotS

Chosen1 Ken by Chosen_01

CvS Righteous Ken by TripleM

ChunLi by Warusaki3
ChunLi by J.Lee

Ex Ryu by Saiai84

Dan by PotS
Dan by Warusaki3
DanDx by dragoon316

Dead Vega/God Vega by Marancv

Karin by PotS
Dark Karin by Drowin
Karin by Pji111, changed into cvs by Chloe

Hayato by Warusaki3

Destrudo Ryu by Sumi

Eagle by Byakko

EvilKen by Jonathan

Evil Ken by MetalFreekz13

Felicia by Jesuszilla

Furious Ken by MetaGouki

Gai Tendou by Basara-kun

Geese by Gargoyle
Geese-Nightmare Geese by Warusaki3

Go Rasetsu by DMS (wip)

God Ken v1,2&3 by Moldredd

God Rugal by @ndroide
God Rugal by Warusaki3
God Rugal by Lord of the Files

Gouki-Shin Gouki by Warusaki3
ShinGouki by PotS
Shin aka Omega Akuma by Sepher
Violent Akuma by SAM! & Ixnaydk
Rare Akuma by PotS
Benevolent Gouki by TripleM

God Akuma by Shadow aka Plaza

Guile by Warusaki3
Guile cvs2 by rei

Guy by PotS
Guy CvS2 by Rolento

Haohmaru/Rasetsumaru by Warusaki3
Haohmaru by Master Gouken

Haohmaru-Rasetsumaru by Z Sabre User

Hibiki by Mouser

Hinata by Fervicante

Hono no Mai by Black Dahlia Isis
XMai by Link
Mai by Shacti
CvS2 Mai by H"

Honda by Gal129

Ingrid by Warusaki3

Iori by H"h
Iori by Master Gouken (wip)

Jill by Warusaki3

Joe by Byakko
Joe by Gal129
Nega Joe by Kamekaze
Shin Joe by Shunkaku66

Juni by Warusaki3

Ken by Gargoyle

Ken-Violent Ken by Warusaki3

Kim cvs2 by Byakko
Kim cvs2 by Gal129
Kim cvs by Pji111
Kim by Mr Fong

King by Jennifer

Kuroko by Warusaki3

Kyo by Warusaki3

Kyosuke cvs2 by Byakko
Kyosuke cvs by H"h

Lei-Lei by PotS

Leo cvs2 by Gal129

Lilith by Warusaki3

Maki by H"h

Morrigan by PotS
Morrigan CvS2 by Rolento

Nakoruru by J.Lee
Nakoruru by PotS

Neoblood Gouki by Ninja Naruto

Orochi Iori by ANMC
Orochi Iori by H"h

Raiden by H"h

Riot Ryu by Dark Roken Evo

Rock by Warusaki3
Rock by Mantovao

Rolento by rei

Rugal-AlphaRugal by @ndroide

Rugal cvs3 by MetaGouki
(see GodRugal for others Rugals...)

Ryo cvs2 by Byakko
Ryo cvs by Muhanzoa
Ryo cvs by Warusaki3
Ryo cvs2 + Edits by Mr Fong

Ryu by Tukemon
Ryu by Warusaki3
Ryu-EvilRyu-Master Ryu by PotS
Ryu by Chotto Komaru
Ryu Reload by knightmare106
Evil Ryu by Gargoyle
CvS Holy Ryu by TripleM

Sagat by Kamekaze
Boss Sagat by Kamekaze

Sakura by PotS
Kasugano aka Angry Sakura by Patrick Ching(Pneophen)

Sensei/Kai Sensei Ken by Polocolto n Marancv

Shadow Yamazaki by y.y

Shingo by OphaR

Shiva by EasyChar

Slightly Pissed Off Ryu by Rikard

Terry by Warusaki3
Terry by Mr Fong
Terry by Mouser
Terry by Mouser & Don Nadie
U-Terry by K.O.D.

Todo by Warusaki3

Urien cvs2 by rei

Vega(bison) by PotS
Vega by Warusaki3
Vega by H"
Vega by Umihei

Vice by Warusaki3

Violent Ryu by Marancv

Yamazaki by Warusaki3
Yamazaki by @ndoride

Yun by Warusaki3

Yuri by PotS
Yuri by Pji111
Yuri by Tukemon

Zero by N64Mario

Warusaki3 creations
Gal129 creations
rei creations
J.Lee, shacti, Muhanzoa, Gargoyle,Zamtong,pji111 creations
DarkMasters DMS
Mr. Fong creations
Z - Saber user,Mouser, Don Nadie
ANMC Dhalia Isis
@ndroide, Sepher
EasyChar, Carlos Romero3, Chosen_01
N64Mario  (under constructon)
Mouser  under hosted
TripleM / Markmasters
Shadow aka Plaza
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