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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Stages

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Author Topic: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Stages  (Read 17060 times)
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« on: August 27, 2008, 01:47:28 pm »

stages from

(Adon Stage) A Lost Civilization by R

(Akuma Stage) Kiga Cave by NeoGouki

(Balrog Stage) Las Vegas by Doorhenge

(Blanka Stage) The Brazilian Rain Forest by R

(Birdie Stage) Midnight Trainwreck by NeoGouki

(Bison Stage) Secret Point 48106 (Final) by Doorhenge

(Cammy Stage) Battle Over Athens by Ryo2005

(Charlie Stage) Prepare For Takeoff! by NeoGouki

(Cody Stage) Jailbreak by Ryo2005

(Chunli Stage) Tai Chi Practice At 6:10 A.M. by NeoGouki

(Dan Stage) Desolate Playground by R

(Dee Jay Stage) Jamaican Club by Dark Saviour:

(Dhalsim Stage) Indian Party by Caddie

(Feilong Stage) Hong Kong Tournament by Dark Saviour:

(Feilong Stage) Hong Kong Tournament by Alex

(E.Honda Stage) Honda's Dohyou by NeoGouki

(Evil Ryu Stage) Kiga Cave by Dark Saviour:

(Gen Stage) Victoria Harbor by R

(Guile Stage) Military Train by TESTP

(Guy Stage) Metro City Outskirts by R

(Juni and Junli Stage) Secret Point 48106 by P.o.t.S

(Ken Stage) Hotel Masters by Ryo2005

(Karin Stage) Kanzuki Cruiser by Dark Saviour:

(R.Mika Stage) The Rainbow Ring by Ryo2005

(Rolento Stage) Underground Headquarters by NeoGouki

(Rose Stage) Fortune Teller's Pad by Ryo2005

(Ryu Stage) Suzaku Castle In The Sunset by R

(Sagat Stage) Buddha On The River by NightWing

(Sakura Stage) Segataya-ku Train Station by NeoGouki

Secret Point 31580 A by M.M.R

Secret Point 31580 D by M.M.R

(Shin Akuma) Kiga Cave by Dark Saviour: Offline

(Sodom Stage) Tower Of Shogun by Ruben

(T.Hawk Stage) The Mexican Desert by The Immortal: Offline

(Vega Stage) Mi Casa Es Su Casa by NeoGouki

(Zangief Stage) Heavy Swell by Dark Saviour:

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