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November 29, 2020, 01:58:38 pm
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Chaos Blanka by blackchaos

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Author Topic: Chaos Blanka by blackchaos  (Read 700 times)
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« on: November 16, 2008, 06:52:25 pm »

Finally blanka is here after a long time, i havent had as much free time as id have liked to finish him, plus i got caught up on other things as you do.. but im proud to say he is here no doubt youll try to find as many bugs as you can.. hopefully i have picked them all out and fixed them.. please do not judge this character by his AI, AI is not my strong point, this character was mainly intended for human play and my main focus was originality and combo-ability.

If your one of them people who dont read the readme's then here is the move list.(ive thanked certain people in the readme at the bottom)



Weak Cannonball = D,DF,F, x (can be used in the air)

Medium Cannonball = D,DF,F, y (can be used in the air)

Strong Cannonball = D,DF,F, z (can be used in the air)

EX Cannonball = D,DF,F,x+y   (250 power required)

Weak Backstep(backflip) Cannonball = D,DB,B, a

Medium Backstep Cannonball = D,DB,B, b

Strong Backstep Cannonball = D,DB,B,c

Weak Vertical Cannonball = ~30$D, $U, a  (hold down for half a second, then press up and A)

(you can hold down longer if you wish.)

Medium Vertical Cannonball = ~30$D, $U, b

Strong Vertical Cannonball = ~30$D, $U, c

WALL GRAB(wall hug) D,D,x

Weak Wall Cannonball(while hanging on wall) = D,DF,F, x

Medium Wall Cannonball(while hanging on wall) = D,DF,F, y

Strong Wall Cannonball(while hanging on wall) = D,DF,F, z

Weak Electricity = D,DB,B,x

Medium Electricity = D,DB,B,y

Strong Electricity = D,DB,B,z

Static Charge(projectile) = F,D,F,a (F,D,DF, shoryuuken motion)

Evade(dodge) = b+y

Roll = x+a

Sliding Crouch Punch(can be used to sweep or duck projectiles) Hold Down then while holding down press a+b

Scorpion Kick = after a basic move connects press c,c  (best results use after stateno 450(sweep).

Bite Throw = while walking into p2 and press Z


Ground Shave Rolling.: Hold DB then at anytime, press Forward and x+y together (lvl 1 super)

(hold x+y for more speed)(if done at long range, and held long enough 9 hits are possible)
(this move relies on velocity build up from a distance)

Desumo Inflatus: While in air, D,DF,F,x+y  (lvl 1 super), must be high enough in the air.

Super Rolling Massacre:  while in Wall grab,  D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x+y    (lvl 2 super)

Shout Of Earth: D,D,D,a+b   (lvl 3 super)

Hyper Bite:  D,DF,F,D,DF,F,c+z (lvl 3 super)

Electric Hug: D,F,B,c+z  (lvl 3 super)

just a couple of notes... the static charge projectile move is unblockable because due to it charging slowly it leave blanka vunerable and he can EASILY be hit whilst charging this.. so that was my choice and i dont intend to change it...i could have made the user chage the projectile but i couldnt be bothered at the time, so in the update mayb.(AI doesnt use this move, i decided no point)
for best results use this move while p2 is down.

also the Shout Of Earth is unblockable so stay away from it Tongue
again my choice, please dont reccomend otherwise.

oh another thing.. in his .CMD file theres an option to enable AI dodge ive set it to roll, but if youd like the AI to use dodge instead of roll then just remove the semi colons on each line of changestate 1400

hope you all enjoy

report any errors you notice and ill try to fix them...i doubt theres any debug spam as ive checked.

also for the shout of earth super, youll notice the background KO FX goes mad,, i thought id have fun with angle draw lol so it spins alot Tongue
i wanted a different background KO fx but i kinda had to use the default i had at the last minute..hopefully in the update it will be more polished

oh and lastly.. i dunno if it depends on the screenpack but by pressing A on the keyboard(medium kick) it selects his main palette the shin palette.
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Amateur Coder

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« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2008, 06:53:12 pm »

might have found a minor bug..

super rolling massacre..

hit the opponent while he is in the air with it... and he just drops instead of pauses...

ill fix it in the update though.
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